General Assembly Session Update

Dear Friend,

It is an honor to serve you and the citizens of the 69th District in the House of Delegates. The 2014 Legislative Session began on Wednesday, January 8, 2014. I encourage you and your family to stay updated on legislative issues that are important to you, our community, and our Commonwealth. This session will last 60 days and the General Assembly will pass a budget for the next two years. I have included some helpful links to use for session.

I encourage you to complete my 2014 legislative survey that will give me a sense of your priorities. If you or another 69th district resident would like a hardcopy, please call my office at 804-698-1069 and we will mail a survey to you.

Useful Links for Session

Attending session at the General Assembly or a committee meeting of your interest is certainly a worthwhile experience for people of all ages and interests. However, if you cannot visit during session, you can still stay updated on legislative issues that are important to you and your community.

Virginia Legislative Information System: On LIS, you can access all the bills and resolutions filed for the 2014 session as well as previous years’ legislation. You can research General Assembly members, the meetings schedule, standing committees, and the state budget.

Virginia General Assembly: On the General Assembly’s official website, you can watch the Senate and House in session via a live stream every day beginning at noon. Additionally, you can access laws and regulations, publications, and the Capitol Classroom to refresh your memory on legislative terms and how a bill becomes a law.

If you have any questions or concerns about legislation during the session, please contact me at 804-698-1069 or send me an e-mail at I am happy to learn about your legislative priorities and encourage you to share your opinions and ideas by taking my survey online or by requesting a hard copy. You can also call my office to schedule an in-person appointment about any specific bills in which you might be interested.

Thank you.


Betsy B. Carr
Member, House of Delegates