69th District

The 69th House District straddles the James River and consists of citizens from the City of Richmond and Chesterfield County. You may want to discover where and when your local neighborhood or civic group meets, so that you can participate in its activities. If you would like help connecting with your neighborhood association, please let me know.

Carillon Bell Tower

The Carillon Bell Tower in Byrd Park

Within the 69th are at least part of eight James River crossings. To the north, the district is bounded by Floyd Avenue and Main Street to the north from Carytown to Oregon Hill.

Swansboro Elementary on Midlothian Turnpike

The majority of the district lies to the south of the James River. It includes Westover Hills, Forest Hill, Woodland Heights, Swansboro, Blackwell and Hillside neighborhoods. The district extends down the Hull Street and Midlothian corridors into Chesterfield. It encompasses the former city of Manchester and Jefferson Davis Highway.

The district is bordered to the east by the James River and to the west by Chippenham Parkway and Powhite Parkway at various points.

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Do you live in the 69th? Use the map below to check.

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